Transition Mar Vista/Venice

Transition Mar Vista/Venice
Transition Mar Vista/Venice projects include Little Free Libraries community build days and Good Karma Gardens pay-it-forward edible gardens. Join us for these activities, as well as many others!


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Good Karma Garden Project: Pay-it-forward edible gardens
Email for location information

Westside Produce Exchange: One Saturday per month
To join and find out the date of the next exchange,

Our Time Bank: Check OTB's Web site for schedule of events and monthly potluck
Visit for details and date of next potluck

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center: Check Sivananda's Web site for class
schedule and special events


The Guerrila Gardener
Our friends at the Argonaut spotlight Sunshine Partnerships
and other urban farmers

Urgent Gardening: A Citizen Yogi's Call to Action
The Argonaut profiles Swami Omkarananda

A New Parkway Vision for Culver City
Transition Culver City members mobilize to produce a compelling film
about sustainable alternatives to wasteful grass parkways

Oneness Media Wins Best Healthy Cities Short Film Award
The New Urban Film Festival recognizes Stephon Litwinczuk's documentary
about TMV/V



Community Wellness Mondays 2011 - 2nd Qtr

Free Talks and Discussions. All are welcome.

Please park on the street.

First Monday of the month:

Meeting of CAAM (California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine)

Special talks from 9:30–11:30am

April 4

Guest speaker: Arun Deva

Daily and Seasonal Routines of Ayurveda

Nature provides us with different seasons to help guide us through our own life journeys. Of these, Ayurveda focuses on four seasons in particular: those of day and night; seasons of the year; of age and of digestion. Following their rhythms can lead to seamless harmony and a state of well being known as svasthavritta. In this workshop we will explore their significances and their interplay with our own biological forces known as doshas. By creating daily and seasonal routines that encourage us to become Nature's dance partners in life, we, too, become expressions of our highest potential.

May 2

Guest speaker: Krishna Darshan

Yoga/Jyotish/Ayurveda: Three sister sciences and their connection

Krishna is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda and has been teaching at Sivananda ashrams and centers for more than 20 years. He has taught Yoga, meditation, Vedanta philosophy, Vedic scriptures, Hindu mythology, natural health, and Jyotish in many countries, including Uruguay, Argentina, USA, Chile, Canada, Spain, Austria, Bahamas, India, Brazil, and Bolivia.

June 6

Guest speaker: Felicia Tomasko RN

Beat the Heat: Set yourself up for a happy and healthy summer pitta/fire season

We'll review how to stay cool while keeping the flame of the digestive system well-lit. We'll explore remedies for chilling mind, body and spirit through asana, pranayama, kitchen remedies, foods and drinks.

Second Monday of the month:

Experience a Brain Gym® group balance using specific movements to establish new neural pathways, and thus new learning, at any age or ability level. With Instructor/Consultant Annette Pasternak


April 11

May 9

No session in June

Third Monday of the month:

Sustainable Health Care talks


9:30–10:30am - Presentation

10:30–11:00am - Question-and-Answer Session

11:00–11:30am - Council Sharing Circle, focused on healing

11:30am - You are welcome to share in a potluck vegetarian lunch.

April 18

Guest speaker: Baylen K. Slote

Dao-in energy guidance; how to revitalize and rejuvenate your body by working with your own energy circuitry

Dao-in is the Chinese word for physical energy conducting. As a set of rhythmic movements, it adjusts and attunes as it generates and strengthens one’s personal energy. It represents the base of the tree of knowledge out of which came qi gong and later tai ji movement arts. Using this technology can be very useful to rectify and attune one’s body.

Illness results from stagnation of energy in the body. Over the ages wise people have found practical ways to break up the stagnation of physical energy. Once they began doing physical energy conducting, they discovered that not only did it solve the problem of energy stagnation, but it also improved their general health and lengthened their lives. These simple practices have been collected and continue to be practiced as dao-in.

In this lecture, you will learn some simple movements and movement principles that you can easily use to attune your own body on a daily basis. You will also learn some of the basics that underpin the practice of tao, such as yin and yang and the 5 transformations. And, we will have the opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between movement arts such martial arts, yoga, tai ji, tai chi and qi gong.

Baylen Slote is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. He initially began his study of Chinese Medicine sparked by an interest in the I Ching. He was led to pursue and complete his Masters degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the renowned Yo-San University in Los Angeles.

Through his graduate education Baylen spent time developing and growing Chinese Herbs. After graduation, he spent several years working and interning in the highest quality holistic, homeopathic, and herbal pharmacies in Los Angeles. There he gained experience in neutraceutical and vitamin supplements, as well as continued to work with the commercially available Chinese Herbal Products. This experience deepened his understanding of contemporary physiology and the modern practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Baylen continues to be an avid gardener.

Baylen received his undergraduate education at Bennington College in Vermont where he studied liberal arts from the perspective of personal and spiritual growth. This sparked his initial interest and practice of Tai Ji and movement arts including Qi Gong, Dao-In (Chinese yoga) and meditation. Additionally, Baylen has over three years of training and experience in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which uses the Chinese Meridian Theory of acupuncture channels and neurobiology to retrain thought and emotional patterns. He also has eight years practice and experience in New Identity Process (NIP) processing emotional issues.

May 16

Guest speaker: Deanna Galkin-Doran (Parameshwari) E-RYT

Yoga Therapy: Stabilize Your Pelvis and Hips to Relieve Pain in the Lower Half of the Body

Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing method which adapts yogic techniques and practices for individuals facing health challenges to reduce symptoms and restore balance; creating, stimulating and maintaining an optimal state of physical, emotional and spiritual health and self-managed well-being. The technique employs any combination of movement, breath, imagery, and relaxation, in a manner that is not usually addressed in a group Yoga class.

In this session, Parameshwari will walk attendees through common asanas while stabilizing the hips, to take the pressure off the back, the hips, knees and ankles. All levels are welcome!

June 20

Guest Speaker: Marjoyrie Kunzle

Spiritual Energy Healing

Marjoyrie will present and demonstrate Spiritual Energy Healing, sometimes called “hands-on healing.” You will have the opportunity to practice this energy work that anyone can learn to do for their family and friends. Learn how to simply sit them, fully clothed, on a chair, tune yourself in, and let the energy flow to them.

Marjoyrie is on an inner journey now, reclaiming her Self. She's nearly 70 years old, empathic and sensitive, a mother, married, a vegetarian. In her former life in Britain, she was a Publicist, working freelance, looking after her family, and now, since 1993 she is a Sivananda Yoga teacher. She has taught a weekly community yoga class to her LA neighbors since 1987. She is extremely interested in LIFE, relationships, in yoga, in gardening, the spiritual, in energy work and the journey of self healing; knowing that, when we awaken ourselves, we do it for everyone.

Read about our launch event.

Read about the second meeting.

Every Monday:


1:00–2:30pm All-Levels Yoga Class
free to the community

KNITTING CIRCLE (not meeting over the summer)

3:00–5:00pm Beginners welcome. Instruction available.
free to the community

If you are a health care practitioner and would like to participate, please e-mail

Thank you to the Sivananda Yoga Center for letting us use their space for this worthwhile project!

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
13325 Beach Avenue
Marina del Rey, CA

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